Get an energy efficient home with “green” insulation that’s fire-proof and non-toxic

Injection foam is a fairly new type of insulation on the market and Graber can say that it is remarkable. Homeowners who have had injection foam insulation material applied to their homes have noticed an increase in savings and that their houses are more comfortable too.

What Is Air Krete® injection foam?

There are many qualities to our AirKrete® Injection Foam that make it a much sought after product when it comes to home insulating. One of the primary characteristics of it is it’s safety element. It is 100% fireproof. Even when exposed to an open flame, it will not burn. It won’t even begin to smoke!

Besides it being fireproof, Air Krete® Injection Foam resists all mold growth. Tests on the foam, performed in situations of 75 to 95% humidity, showed no mold growth at all!

AirKrete® is a foam insulation that, when it cures, becomes solid. So it is perfect for filling leaks and voids inside your walls. This is a non-expanding foam, making it safe to fill wall cavities without fear of wall bowing or drywall cracking. It also will not shrink up or fall out of place like fiberglass material, is non-toxic, soundproof, recyclable, and energy efficient.

As the experienced injection foam insulation contractors, Graber can be trusted to install our Air Krete® system in older homes. Call or e-mail us today for schedule a FREE estimate on a retro-fitting insulation installation.

Injection foam; different than expanding foam

Injection foam insulation is a spray foam similar to its “cousin” expanding spray foam, with the major difference being that it does not expand. Spray polyurethane foam- or SPF- expands on contact, sealing the void sit fills and providing a permanent insulation barrier.

As many benefits as SPF has, it can not be used in some situations. As it does expand, using it as an insulation in wall cavities or enclosed areas is not recommended. It may crack drywall joints, bow window and door frames, or cause wall board to separate from its framing.

Benefits of Halco’s AirKrete Injection Foam Insulation

  • First and foremost, Air Krete performs as an insulation with a high R-value.
  • As a foam that fills all voids, gaps, leaks and spaces, it acts as an air sealant, making your home even more energy efficient.
  • Many two-part spray foams heat up as they cure. Air Krete does not.
  • Because they have a high expansion rate, many spray foams cannot be used in closed areas like wall cavities. Air Krete does not expand. It has all the benefits of an air sealing spray foam without the worry!
  • It is not extremely sticky, making clean-up and removal of excess very easy.
  • AirKrete is a green insulation – there are no harmful, chemical vapors.

AirKrete is perfect for insulating exterior walls

Our injection foam doesn’t expand after it is applied. That makes it an ideal insulation for closed-in spaces such as walls and building cavities. Even if there is existing insulation in the walls, the foam fills in the gaps around it. It is also installed with little disturbance to your home.

Access holes are drilled into the top of the wall above each bay between the studs in the wall. Then a hose is inserted and the foam is pumped into each space, filling the entire cavity and providing an air sealing element to your walls as well as an insulator. After the foam dries and cures, the holes are filled and you can begin saving.

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