There are a lot of spray foam contractors in the market now, and like any other industry some contractors are better than others. When you are evaluating which contractor to use, we recommend that you ask the following questions:
  1. How many homes in the area have you installed this product in?
  2. Can you provide any references?
  3. Do you offer a lifetime warranty, and how does it compare to your competitors’?
  4. Are you certified by your manufacturer, and can you show me that certification?
  5. What is your business history?
    • What’s your Better Business Bureau rating?
    • Have you always verified your employees can work legally?
    • Have you ever declared bankruptcy?
    • Do you have a current state license?
  6. Are you bonded and carrying workers’ compensation & liability insurance?
  7. Will you do the work yourselves, or subcontract it?
  8. How much experience and training do your installers have?
  9. Who is responsible for getting permits?
  10. Walk me through how you’ll take care of my home during installation.
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