hotboxNobody EVER wants to go in their attic when it is a hot or cold day! Just think if you could make your attic space usable; wouldn’t that be amazing! I love the fact of adding cost effective extra square footage! If you have a lower pitch roof (8/12 or less), spraying foam insulation to your roofline (from peak to plate) will actually encapsulate your attic so it keeps out any and all extreme temperatures. On a normal “hot” day outside your attic can easily reach 140 + degrees! That is unbearable and it honestly decreases your shingle life (they are baking from both sides)! When your attic roofline is foamed, it only gets approximately 10-degrees higher than your set thermostat temperature! In this environment you can actually store paint, candles, crayons, etc. If you do intend to use this space as storage we do need to take foam one step further and install a fire-coating paint over the foam for code reasons, but it is easily possible if this space has storage opportunities.

When an attic roofline is foamed the old fiberglass or cellulose will be removed with a large vacuum-type machine. You are probably thinking why mess with the old stuff, just leave it there. If this old insulation is left in place it can cause condensation due to the lack of air movement in your attic which can cause mold. We certainly do not want this situation in your home! Your attic will gain a supply of air through any ceiling penetrations (recess can lights, ceiling fans, etc.). Also, just think if you need to do any ceiling work (adding a light / fan, etc.) you will not have any problems or have any insulation falling down into your living space. This will actually lessen the dust in your home too; and we all LOVE that!

If you have any HVAC equipment in your attic this is a no-brainer. Think about it. Your HVAC equipment is fighting the extreme temps to get nice cold air to the other side of your home. How much does that really cold air temperature drop by the time it reaches the supply vent in your bedroom across the house? I bet it loses the “chill”. If your attic is foamed, well guess what – your HVAC system will actually last longer since it doesn’t have to struggle to get the correct temperature to each room of your home. Ahhhhh, let the comfort begin!

So many opportunities for a normally non-used space. If you are short on closet space or have a walk-in attic, think about this possible storage. How nice would it be to have the extra space and easy access to those holiday decorations!

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