teresa-stacieEver wonder why the first person you talk to at a company was selected to do that particular job?

Graber Insealators of Louisville has two very important people who act as “The Hub” of our company. Teresa McClure and Stacie Delks are at the helm of our daily operations! They are the friendly voices who answer your phone call and answer any question you have from:

How do I make an appointment?
When will I receive an estimate?
How do I schedule my job?
My job is complete, when will I receive an invoice?

Teresa McClure has been with Graber for 3 years and has really filled in the exact role that was requested of her. Teresa is our “Mom” in the office who does just about everything (just don’t ask her to drive the forklift – Hershel will not allow her to try it even though she would love to know how). She brightens the mornings of our crews by starting the day off with a special snack on particular days, she makes homemade goodies all the time, she keeps everyone in the right place at the right time by being the calendar keeper, she keeps the schedule moving daily by projecting when our crew can get to your project, she is ready for a challenge and she dives into any project with all of her heart and soul. Teresa and her husband Herb love to spend time with their daughter and two grandchildren and Teresa loves to read and be creative by scrapbooking.

Stacie Delks has been part of our team for 2 years. She assists everyone in the office from helping Teresa schedule jobs, helps our sales staff with quotes along with organizing all of our contacts and customers – keeping everyone straight and keeps our crews going in the right direction each day. She is the first voice you hear in the afternoons as she covers the afternoon shift in the office. Stacie and her husband Steve have two children who are growing up faster than she wants. Stacie enjoys her long walks with Steve and enjoying life daily with her family.

These two ladies keep Graber Insealators in a constant state of organization! We do not thank them enough, but a BIG THANK YOU is well deserved daily!

Call Teresa and Stacie to “Live in a Healthy Home, with Healthy Foam.”

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