Graber Insealators use AirKrete injection insulation to insulate homes all around the greater Louisville area. But what exactly is this insulation that can increase savings on your energy bills and increase your comfortability in your home? How does AirKrete work? Let’s go over a brief primer on just what AirKrete is and why Graber relies on it.

How does AirKrete work?

AirKrete is a innovative insulation process derived from seawater and quarried limestone. Sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. The actual components of AirKrete are Magnesium Oxide from the seawater/limestone mixture, ceramic talc, water, and a foaming agent, resulting in a component that looks like shaving cream in consistency. This foam works by expanding in the open air in your walls, forming thousands of tiny air bubbles that cause air to move much more slowly than it would in open air. This provides superior insulation, as warm air has to move via conduction instead of convection, accelerating the process.

Because of the components we talked about in AirKrete, the insulation also has a multitude of other benefits, such as being fireproof, pestproof, and noiseproof thanks to the multitude of bubbles and the rigidness of the insulation itself. AirKrete doesn’t expand or shrink once it settles, keeping the insulation stable and preventing holes in the insulation that contribute to the three “proofs” being a problem. Instead, it dries into a completely rigid foam, that doesn’t need multiple applications or room for expansion after installation, which makes other insulation methods much less precise than AirKrete. That’s how AirKrete works, and that’s why Graber Insealators trusts AirKrete as an insulation solution.




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