graber-bornStarting a new business is not always an easy decision and is usually a lengthy one. Hershel Graber’s decision to start Graber Insealators was an easy one back in late 1994. After a day on the farm, watching “This Old House” was a regular occurrence (Hershel loves to “tinker”), but a new episode showcased Icynene spray foam insulation and Hershel was “hooked”!

The benefits of spray foam insulation installed in a home were amazing to what was currently being installed in 99% of homes. One amazing quality about Hershel is that he wants to help everyone as much as he can. This was one way to help make homes more energy efficient to save on utility bills and have a healthier environment for the families that occupy the homes. The show aired on a Saturday and on Monday Hershel was on the phone with a representative from Icynene on how he could gain more information about becoming a contractor in the Loogootee, Indiana area.

Hershel was on a plane within two weeks to visit Icynene and within a week, he was certified. Since a foam truck cannot be bought off a showroom floor, Hershel took photos of a sample truck and came home and custom built his first foam truck. On March 2, 1995 he was installing Icynene!

That is a pretty quick turnaround to start a new business, but when you are passionate about helping others like Hershel is on a daily basis it was easy. Now, 21 years later, Graber Insealators is the longest running Icynene contractor in the nation! What an accomplishment when you succeed at something you truly believe in.

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