There are a lot of different injectable foam products on the market right now, and two of the biggest names out there are AirKrete and “Retrofoam” by Polymaster. Sifting through the information you’ll find on both products can be confusing, but we’re going to take a quick, honest look at some of the pros and cons of each product.

Polymaster’s Retrofoam is quick to install, with typical installation taking just a single day, with no furniture movement or torn out walls in order to install the product. The R Value of the product is also exceptional, reaching up to R-23.7. Retrofoam has a murky past, however, as the product is banned in Canada, California, Massachusetts, and Vermont due to concerns over formaldehyde content. It also has a problem with settling and shrinking, causing gaps in your insulation that can reduce your achieved R value with the insulation.

Airkrete has its own issues. It doesn’t adhere all that well to wood. It’s not the cheapest option, costing on average $2 per square foot. But the positive attributes are stunning. It’s the only injectable foam insulation that’s completely fireproof. Take a look at this video showing a controlled burn of a Airkrete structure being doused in flames.  It’s one of the most eco-friendly insulation types around, including no formaldehyde. And although the initial cost is high, thanks to the no shift, form fitting insulation process, the high initial R value of 6 will stay static longer than other types of insulation. That means that your energy bills will go down and stay down for longer.

You can see, with a quick look at all the different types of insulation, that each of the types listed has very specific pros and cons. But the highly unique fireproof ability of Airkrete, along with the lack of formaldehyde in the material,makes Airkrete rise a step above the rest in our comparison.

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