Oh, spring, how some people have missed you and others have not! This time of year in the Ohio Valley, those who suffer with allergies are not “living the dream”. Flowers bloom, the grass starts growing and pollen covers cars, the ground and even the dog! Well it is just EVERYWHERE! Everywhere except in a house with spray foam insulation!

Spray foam seals up all of the cracks and crevices that leak air from your house to the exterior. The most leaky areas of a home are:


In the basement, spray foam insulation can be sprayed to the band boards (the most leaky area of a home between the foundation wall and the first floor). The roof and attic area can also be really leaky if not enough insulation is in this area. Spray foam can either be installed on the attic floor (your ceiling of the room below) or to the roofline (plywood and rafter area). There are benefits to both installation types.

We can help you live in a Healthy home with Healthy foam!

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