Summer is likely still on the mind of most people and, while we haven’t seen too much of fall yet, the leaves and temperatures will start falling before you know it.

Is your home ready for fall and winter weather?

Take a moment and think back to last fall and winter…

  • Did you feel any drafts in your home as the weather got colder?
  • Were your floors cold or drafty?
  • Were you comfortable in every room of your home or were some rooms too cold and uncomfortable?
  • Were you happy with your utility bills last winter or did you expect a stock certificate each month when you paid your bill?

These questions all highlight common problems that are the result of ineffective home insulation.

As you can see in the image below, a poor insulation system naturally allows air to leak in and out of the home, leaving you less comfortable and with higher utility bills.

If air can move through your insulation, it cannot and will not maintain its R-Value. This is a Building Science Law that cannot be defied, just as we cannot defy the Law of Gravity.


An effective insulation system — like spray foam insulation — creates an air barrier between your home and the outside world. Because spray foam expands to fill every crack and crevice, it prevents air flow and allows you to control your indoor environment much more successfully.

With a quality spray foam insulation system, your heating bills will plummet and you won’t have to deal with a drafty home or cold floors any longer!

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