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Home Insulation Company in Louisville

Your Trusted Insulation Contractor

At Superior Insealators, we've been serving clients in Louisville, KY, since 1995. Since the local weather here is variable throughout the year, we're committed to offering the latest and most effective insulation products available. Our home insulation company has a reputation for integrity.

Locals appreciate our:
  • Dedication to punctuality and on-time installations
  • Status as a family-owned business
  • Total commitment to quality
  • Energy and air quality expertise

Spray Foam Insulation Services

Spray foam insulation is an affordable solution for your house in Louisville. Traditional options require more time and leave waste behind. However, spray foam can facilitate consistent warmth throughout each room. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about your home meeting building codes. The material can give your floors and ductwork the quality you want. As an insulation contractor, we understand the importance of durability when we work on a home.

Spray foam offers the following benefits:
  • Resistance to water damage
  • No long-term emissions
  • Minimizes airborne sound transfer
  • Low installation cost

Waterproofing Your Home in Louisville

As a home insulation company, we provide also waterproofing services to our clients in Louisville. You'll need to waterproof your house to prevent issues during heavy rainfalls that may cause flooding. If you hire us, we'll help you choose the option that fits your needs. After we complete the installation, we'll thoroughly clean up the work site. We offer the most comprehensive product and service package in the area.

Louisville's Source for Air Barriers

An air barrier system can improve your home's heating distribution. When air flows through your home, you'll find the temperature tends to decline. However, proper barriers provide a reliable solution. As a dependable insulation contractor, we can complete the installation process quickly.

To learn more about our services in Louisville, call us at Superior Insealators today. We have specialized equipment that can help us install in any area of a home.