pole-barnAre you thinking of building a pole barn in your future? Don’t forget about the benefits of having an insulated area so you can be comfortable while working in this area as well as keeping your items safe from weather and extreme temperatures.

Let’s say you want to build a pole barn for storage. We always recommend spraying open cell foam on the roofline since open cell can move and flex just like your pole barn and will not lose its seal. Also, open cell is an air barrier, but not a water barrier so if there is ever a leak, the water can penetrate through the open cell foam and not cause any damage to the roof metal. Now, depending on what your plans are in the pole barn will dictate what we recommend to install on the walls of the pole barn. If you will have a drywall, peg-board, metal, etc. type covering on the interior of your pole barn, we would recommend open cell foam on the walls since it is a more cost effective product per R-value. If you will not have any covering on the walls, we want to protect those walls from looking beat up in the long run by using closed cell foam – much more dense product that will not take a beating lightly.

As you can see, we pride ourselves on installing the right product in the right place! We want your pole barn to look great for many years to come and you can’t have that if the wrong product is installed in the wrong area. Now, we know that a big decision influence can be about money and we are happy to give you a ballpark number on what it cost per square foot to insulate it – use $1.50 per square foot. NOW REMEMBER, this is a total budget number and we hope to beat this number depending on your project! We really should see the pole barn up and ready and we can then really tackle down the number to a true estimate. Just remember, the more foam we can install, the less per square foot the job will cost. Plus, your location can make a difference too in proximity to our office location in Jeffersontown, Kentucky.

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