Is there a room over your garage that experiences hot and cold extremes? No wonder why it gets the brunt of all extreme weather – look how vulnerable it is in the graphic below!


If you were getting hit in all directions you would be taken over too! This is where spray foam insulation can help in Louisville, Kentucky! As you know we are hit with temperatures from -10 to over 100 degrees in one given year. It is really hard for our HVAC systems to keep up with these extremes. SO, if you make your house like a cooler filled with those nice cold drinks in the summer time, your house as well as your “bonus” room area will never feel like a hot box or freezer again.

Spray foam insulation in the garage ceiling will keep heat from rising into this space. Spray foam will then keep this area “sealed” from the sun beating down on the roof and walls – just inches away from your living space! Think of this room like an airplane. The walls are only 3” or so thick on an airplane. Guess what type of insulation protects you from those extreme temperatures up in the atmosphere? FOAM! So, why not live in the most comfortable area that you can – live between foam surrounding the exterior of your home.

Live in a Healthy home with Healthy foam!

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