sound-controlIf you live near a busy street, an airport, or in a multiple dwelling, you know all about airborne sounds – the unwanted noises that can invade your living space, hindering your comfort and enjoyment. A loud stereo from the family room or bathroom noises can also be irritating. Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning equipment is another source of annoying sound.

Sound travels most commonly through air, but it can also pass through solid objects, causing them to resonate.

Spray foam insulation by Graber Insealators is one of the most effective methods of sound control.

Fortunately there’s Icynene®, a unique soft foam insulation, with air sealing qualities that can help reduce airborne sound from penetrating your home. Icynene® is an effective air seal that eliminates the air gaps through which sound travels easiest. It is also superior in controlling mid-range frequencies which include the human voice and stereo music.

Spray foam insulation expands to 100 times its initial volume to seal gaps and holes through which airborne sound penetrates the building.  It helps reduce noise that originates inside the building, such as home theaters and children’s play areas, as well as noise that originates outside the building, such as street traffic or airplanes.

Spray foam insulation is ideal for situations where peace and quiet is a necessity. When walls, ceilings and floors are insulated with spray foam insulation, building occupants are uninterrupted by airborne sound such as human speech, stereos, plumbing runs and outdoor noise. It also works to eliminate pipe vibrations caused by showers and toilet flushing. When Icynene® is sprayed around pipes, vibration and sound transfer are significantly reduced.

Your home (or other building) can be a haven of peace and tranquility when spray foam fills and seals every penetration such as cracks around doors, electrical outlets and plumbing pipes within walls.