There’s a plethora of sounds that can go on in your house throughout the day that can interfere with your relaxation. Without proper insulation, the sounds from other rooms in the house can bleed into the room you’re in, meaning you’re hearing someone playing music while your spouse has the TV blaring, and you can’t concentrate on your own project on your laptop. You can count on sound insulating foam spray as an insulation choice for sound muffling and noise reduction.

Sound insulating foam spray takes care of the two main culprits of excessive noise in your house; airborne noise and flanking noise. Airborne noise is what we just discussed, the TV/Game/Talking noises that creep into your room. Foam insulation can get into every crack and crevice in your structure, and its natural soundproofing properties keep your noise in your room where they belong.

Flanking noise is noise that originates from the walls of your house itself, like plumbing, showers, and other noises that can emit a constant hum. Sound insulating foam spray wraps around the sources of those noises, filling the air holes in the walls that help transmit sound. Normal insulation has trouble taking care of both of these sources of noise in your house, but by using foam spray insulation, you can keep your house quieter and more enjoyable for relaxation. Not only can spray foam insulation keep your house warmer in the cold and colder in the heat, but it can also keep your house quieter, too.

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