Ever wonder how spray foam insulation is installed? Well I can tell you this – it is NOT as easy as it looks!

Graber Insealators contracts with the manufacturers to learn each product used so our jobs are installed right. There are particular techniques for each product installed as well as tricks of the trade that each installer learns over years of experience.

Did you know that foam comes out of the spray gun around 160 degrees! WOAH, now that IS HOT! Think about crawling up into a really hot attic on a warm day and then spraying that foam at 160-degrees and being in their tested safety gear – YIKES! I must give these guys credit – they work really hard every day!

When the foam is mixed per the manufacturer’s recommendations an experienced installer can tell you if it is mixed right, the temperature of the foam is correct and if they have a good batch of foam just by pulling the trigger the first time! Experience is key when installing foam – you do not want someone working on your project the first time they ever spray! It takes some time to learn the correct distance, PSI, etc. that it takes to do the project right.

Graber Insealators of Louisville specifically has training sessions with all of our spray teams to make sure your project is completed correctly.

I recently asked one of our installers “What is the best part about being a team leader and spraying foam?” His response was that he enjoyed having a different project every day and seeing something new. The daily changes in project location brings different ways to tackle a project. Also, he LOVED knowing that his job makes a difference in the homeowner’s life, their health and amount of their utility bill. What a great testimonial to our spray teams! They really care about our customers more than you might originally think!

So call Graber Insealators of Louisville today for a FREE Quote 502.266.8868!

Live in a Healthy Home with Healthy Foam!

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